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Our nation is at a crossroads. We face many challenges, both foreign and domestic.

We are fighting two foreign wars, and our troops deserve the support and funding they need to defeat the radical Jihads who want to destroy our way of life and cause our collapse as a nation.

To keep America safe and secure, we must never let down our guard, and we must treat our adversary for what they are - not as ordinary criminals, but as enemies in wartime. That means military justice, not civilian court trials where they are granted the right to remain silent and the right through the legal process to obtain sensitive information.

When it comes to terrorists, we should be getting information from them, not the other way around.

Our military strength must be matched by a strong economy at home, where the free market principles that built the American economy are nurtured and preserved. Government has a role to play, but it also has to know when to step out of the way.

I believe a competitive America is one where taxes are low and spending is kept in check. Today, our national debt is an unthinkable $12 trillion and the President's new budget forecasts trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.

And what has all these spending gotten the people of Rhode Island? Nothing. Not one new job. We continue to struggle with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

At a time when we need jobs, Congress has passed bailout after bailout, all financed by the overburdened American taxpayer. Billions have been paid to Wall Street banks to cover executive bonuses.  The pet projects of Senators and Congressmen are prioritized over all other needs.

I am running for congress because I believe money and resources are best used when they remain in the hands of the people. I believe good government requires us to move the debate over the issues of the day out of the backrooms and into the open. I believe if we don't act now to curb spending and borrowing that we risk an even bigger economic crisis. I believe the best social program is a good job that pays a decent wage. I believe in duty, honor and country, and in maintaining America's leadership position in the world.

I believe you (Rhode Islanders) deserve a Congressman who will always remember that our greatness as a nation rests with its people, not its government.